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NM-ST 2641 Rheology Control Additive

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NM-ST 2641 Rheology Control Additive

 NM-ST 2641 Rheology Control Additive

Synthetic thickener

NM-ST 2641 Rheology Control Additive is a powdered synthetic thickener based on polyacrylic acid. Being used in aqueous systems for a variety of different purposes in printing, coating or other technical applications. It demonstrates efficient thickening performance and flexibility in formulation for different end-uses. This polymer is un-neutralized and requires addition of an appropriate neutralizing agent to achieve maximum thickening efficiency. Neutralized dispersions of the NM-ST 2641 show suitable viscosity and yield stress and can be used for suspending pigments or other particles in an aqueous system.

Features and Benefits   

 l Excellent freeze-thaw and high temperature stability at low concentrations in oil-in-water emulsions

 l Imparts instant thickening upon neutralization

 l Provides shear-thinning rheology to enable easy pumping and dispensing of finished products via trigger sprayers

 l Provides yield value to allow for the suspension of a wide variety of insoluble materials or particles 

Recommended Applications

 l Analog Printing Inks 

 l Apparel Coatings 

 l Custom Textile Formulations 

 l Home Furnishing Coatings 

 l Technical Textile Coatings 

 l Transportation Textile Coatings 


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