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NM-Carbomer Aqua 30

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NM-Carbomer Aqua 30

 NM-Carbomer Aqua 30

INCI Name: Acrylates Copolymer

NM-Carbomer Aqua 30 is a lightly crosslinked alkali-swellable acrylic emulsion polymer. It is supplied as a 30% active polymer in water. NM-Carbomer Aqua 30 has long flow characteristics with relatively low viscosity. It is designed to suspend, stabilize, and thicken products containing surfactants and detergents. It is recommended for use in car wash applications, hard surface cleaners, and high surfactant gel applications.

Features and Benefits

l Easy-to-Use Liquid Form

l Suspension and Stabilization

l Thickening and Flow Control

l High-transparent Formulations

l pH Flexibility

l Surfactant Compatibility

l Synergistic Thickening with Salt and Surfactants

l High yield value and enhanced vertical cling even at low viscosity

l Included in EPA Safer Choice Program, Safer Chemical Ingredient

l Salt thickening, “back-acid” thickening, post thickening

Recommended Applications

l Dish Care: Auto Dish, Enzyme Gels

l Fabric Care: Laundry Detergent, Liquid Detergents

l Home Care Other: Pesticides, Pet Care

Surface Care: Cleansers, Floor Cleaners and Waxes, Multipurpose, Polishes, Scouring Creams