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Carbomer 971P

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Carbomer 971P

NM-Carbomer 971P

NM-Carbomer971P meets the current edition of the following monographs:


United States Pharmacopeia/National Formulary (USP/NF) monograph for Carbomer Homopolymer Type A 

European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.) monograph for Carbomers

China Pharmacopeia (ChP) monograph for Carbomer Homopolymer Type A

General Product Characteristics

Appearance: White, fluffy powder

Odor: Slightly acetic  

Features and Benefits   

 l Suspension and emulsion stabilizer

 l Taste masking agent

 l Extended-release agent

 l Thickener/rheology modifier

 l Bio adhesion agent

 l Tablet binder

Recommended Applications

 l Semisolids & gels

 l Solutions & suspensions

 l Extended-release oral solid doses

 l Oral drug delivery

 l Topical drug delivery

 l Ophthalmic drug delivery

 l Oral care

Usage Levels:

 l Oral solid dose – extended release: 5-10 wt.%

 l Oral solid dose – immediate release: 0.5-3 wt.%

 l Oral solutions & suspensions: 0.2-1 wt.%

 l Topical 0.5-3 wt.%

 l Typical recommended dosage at 0.2~1.0 wt. %

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