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Anhui Newman polyacrylic acid & carbomers create the innovative for partners

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 Recently, the global situation is in a state of tension, many economies and transport constraints.

In a statement, the G7 countries said they were considering a global embargo on Russian oil and petroleum products unless they were purchased at prices equal to or lower than those negotiated with international partners, Russia's Sputnik news agency reported.

The news triggered a heated discussion in the market. A total global ban on Russian oil and its products would exacerbate already tight supplies of raw materials and even risk a surge in unemployment and industrial collapse in countries that rely on imported energy, such as those in the European Union.

The global embargo of crude oil and its products will lead to a number of global enterprises out of stock production, thoroughly break the market balance. Chemical raw materials will again climb to a higher level in history. 

We,Anhui Neman Fine chemicals Co., ltd is the top leading manufacturer of polyacrylic acid, carbomers, we are at the forefront of health care, personal care, energy and battery fields  innovation with our technologies, ingredients, and  manufacturing services. Our extensive polyacrylic acid, carbomer expertise allows us to create comprehensive, customized and application-specific polymers for countless customer innovations that enhance partners comprehensive advantage.

Our pharmaceutical grade carbomer homopolymer type A incudes NM-Carbomer 71G, carbomer 971P and Carbomer 981G. Carbomer homopolymer type B incudes NM-Carbomer 934P , carbomer 974P . Carbomer homopolymer type C incudes NM-Carbomer 970G etc. They are extensively applied in oral care such as Aqueous Toothpaste, Anhydrous Toothpaste,

 Mucoadhesive Application etc For pharmaceutical excipients such as Ultrasonic coupling agent, tablet binders, suspension stabilizers, extended-release polymers, mucoadhesive aids, and bioavailability enhancers etc.

Polyacrylic acid products such as NM-PA 674, NM-PA 691,NM-PA 960, and NM-PA 960 HC are used as a high-efficient water-soluble adhesive and rheology modifier. They can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance, perform well in challenging low and high pH formulation system and extensively applied in general cleaning agents, water-based adhesives, battery gels etc.